Welcome to 3Mandates!  We are a team of men and women committed to helping enrich the whole life of others – spirit, soul and body.  Our passion is to help one individual at a time, to then spread in helping their family, to their community and finally to their city and nation.

3Mandates has three primary focuses:

  1. Helping build godly families.
  2. Helping build church communities.
  3. Helping build harmonious cities, to become one nation under God.

We do all this in three ways:

  1. Various media
  2. Various publications
  3. Various direct personal development and involvement

We have a special passion for youth, and focus much of our money, time and effort on reaching and helping young people.  Our core operations is to raise up small local home groups in each city through which we build individuals and families.  We have weekly training in all the home groups.  Our various media outlets are being utilized daily to help accomplish our mission in conjunction with teaching and training through all our various publications.

Here are some of our media outlets:




3Mandates for an improved world!